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John McCain & the Economy

Posted by karmalily on September 23, 2008

One of my favorite political blogs, Crooks and Liars, has published a fantastic post written by Jon Perr called “McCain’s 5 Stages of Grief Over the Economy.” Be sure to check it out. Perr makes an especially good point about McCain’s distress over the economy being probably the most important issue in this year’s election. Watching McCain try to talk about the economy is like watching a dying fish struggling for air. He just can’t do it. Repeating over and over that the “fundamentals of our economy are strong” isn’t going to go over well with the thousands of Americans who are losing their futures. Then again though, Republicans do have a tendency to try to make things true. Sort of like with the Bush Administration’s attempt to convince Americans Iraq and 9/11 are somehow connected. If they say it enough times, it must become true.

As a political science student, almost all of my classes has one point in common: Americans vote with their pockets. Money is the most imporant deciding factor in many American’s lives, and if they don’t think John McCain understands money (unless you count the houses and cars he and his wife have bought with her fortune), they won’t vote for him. Granted, Obama isn’t an economist, but he acknowledges that America’s economy is in trouble, and something needs to happen to make it right again. He’s much less likely than John McCain to just sit on his hand and let another depression settle over the land.


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