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Is Obama "Too Risky"

Posted by karmalily on October 9, 2008

From BBC News:

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain has ratcheted up his assault on his Democratic rival’s character, with a new advert branding him “too risky”.

The ad accuses Barack Obama of hiding ties to Bill Ayers, an ex-member of former militant group, the Weathermen.

The McCain campaign is probably getting a bit worried about new polls that say Obama is increasing his support, so he and Palin are trying to attack him with crazy claims that he’s a terrorist, or at least supports terrorism. Just to clear things up, Obama is not a close friend to Ayers and have not “worked together for years” as the McCain campaign claims. Not only has Obama denied this, people outside of Obama’s campaign has acknowledged that the accusations made by McCain/Palin are false.

Of course, I’m sure the truth won’t reach everyone. I have an acquantice here at school that is still convinced that Barack Obama is an Islamic terrorist. She also believes this when he misspoke and said there were 58 states, that he was confusing the United States with some 58 terrorist groups he’s a part of, or something to that affect.

In conclusion: If you believe in truth, vote Obama for president. If you religiously watch Fox (Faux) News and think Obama is a terrorist planted here when he was a child and is going to somehow destroy this country, vote for McCain. There’s obviously no point in arguing with someone so ridicoulous.


One Response to “Is Obama "Too Risky"”

  1. […] Finally, part three’s title was this: “Palin Is an Obama-Attacking Demon.” It sounds like something from The Onion. But, alas, it is not. And the section’s first sentence is laughable: “With attacks on Palin’s competence blunted by her debate performance, the media switched to a new approach: depicting Palin as nothing more than GOP presidential nominee John McCain’s attack dog.” They use examples such as her accusation that Obama works “with a former domestic terrorist who has targeted his own country” (which just isn’t true). […]

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