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Joe the Plumber and Why Rich People SHOULD Pay Taxes

Posted by karmalily on October 16, 2008

At last night’s debate, Joe the Plumber came up quite a bit. In case you don’t know, Joe Wurzelbacher is a plumber that wants to buy a business that makes over $250,000 a year, or something along those lines. He spoke to Obama at a rally and said that he was worried that Obama’s tax plans would affect him. Joe also made an appearance on Fox (Faux) News and called Obama’s plan a threat to the American Dream and said he was a socialist since he wanted to “distribute” wealth. Here’s the video:

According to Joe, he’s just an average, middle-class American, and this tax increase on people making over $250,000 a year infuriates him. Considering that the average middle-class family’s annual income is around $42,000, I think it’s safe to say that this “average Joe” is quite a bit more well off than most of us. (Another topic of interest may be Joe’s connections with the Keating Family)

This may be a view that becomes controversial to many, but I’ll share it nonetheless. Generally, people are selfish, especially when it comes to money. They hoard and spend, and purchase outrageously expensive cars and houses to prove to their peers that they’re rich and successful. On the other side, you’ve got families who are being kicked out of their homes, can’t afford to eat, and are working multiple jobs and still not making it. I want heavy taxes on the rich, so it can be used to aid those people who don’t have the education or time to get better jobs. The money that would be collected through Obama’s tax plan would result in better healthcare, better education, and better opportunities for people at the bottom. Success doesn’t come from how much wealth you acquire, it comes from leaving a lasting benefit to society as a whole. I make less than $20,000 a year and am putting myself through college, but I don’t complain about taxes taken out of my paycheck. I know the money can be used to help better the lives of people who haven’t had the same opportunity as I (although the issue of where tax money goes, such as funding unnecessary and deadly wars, is a topic for another post).

The only people complaining about Obama’s tax plans are people who fall into that specific bracket. Everyone else sees it as fair. Bush’s tax cuts to the rich is one of the reasons he’s so lacking in respect. You can’t tax poor people and let all the rich folks reap the benefits and get off clean. It’s time our government evens it out a bit, for the benefit of all.


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