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Hatred Toward Obama

Posted by karmalily on November 5, 2008

Although America has spoken and has elected Barack Obama as president (with a record turnout – 64.1%!), our President-Elect still has a lot to overcome. Specifically, Obama must overcome the hatred of the far-right.

Last night’s election was a monumental moment in American history. We elected our very first African-American president. That’s a huge step toward even greater equality, and his win will give hope to millions of people who feel as though they are being suppressed based on their race, gender, income, sexual orientation, etc. However, Obama cannot single-handedly end racism. We are going to see a lot of hate and anger in the next four years. In fact, it has already started.

Over on the FOX (Faux) News website, someone wrote this:

fox-assassination-comment_5ac3ePicture via Crooks and Liars

And if any of you watched John McCain’s rather gracious speech last night congratulating Barack Obama, you will have noticed McCain’s supporters booing at the mention of Obama’s name. Poor sportsmanship indeed.

All those people who hated Barack Obama before the election will still hate him after it. The people who would raise their voices and proudly announce their hatred for the Muslim/Terroist candidate are not going to back down in the face of defeat. I fear they may even grow stronger in the coming weeks before Obama’s inaguration.

There isn’t much we can do to stop such feelings from arising, although we can call people out on it when we see it. People are allowed their freedom of speech, and rightly so. But when someone activiely supports Obama’s assassination (and yes, maybe I’m over-reacting and the person who posted the comment on FOX News was, um, joking, is it really that unlikely? There’s already been two attempted assassination plots on Obama) we should alert the authorities (if it’s a case of a threat) or call them out on what they are saying.


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