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Clinton or Powell for Secretary of State?

Posted by karmalily on November 14, 2008


Senator Hilary Clinton met with Barack Obama today to talk about “personal business.” However, many are speculating that this meeting was conducted in order to discuss a possible role in the future administration, such as Secretary of State.

Nothing is certain yet, but it is definitely interesting. Colin Powell’s name has also been thrown around.

There are plenty of people President-Elect Obama could choose, but if he does indeed go with either Clinton or Powell he will get a huge surge of even more support. Even though she didn’t pull enough votes to get on the democratic ticket, people admire and respect her. As they do with Colin Powell.

Obama has done well in his picks overall thus far. Unlike George Bush, who gave jobs to his unworthy cronies, Obama seems to be focusing more on who would actually be right for the job. Good job, President-Elect.

Is there anyone that you would like to see in the Secretary of State position?


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