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Archive for January, 2009

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Posted by karmalily on January 19, 2009

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and I feel it would be appropiate for everyone to take a moment to think about the civil rights movement and how long we’ve come (and to realize that we still have a little ways to go before complete equality is realized). Here is MLK Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech:

Many people are using today as a day of service to honor MLK Jr, so if you are free today you could try volunteering somewhere and helping to make an impact in this country.


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A quick note

Posted by karmalily on January 19, 2009

I can’t believe how long it has been since my last post. The end of last semester was insane (primarily due to my extraordinary procrastination abilities) and I was without an internet connection during the winter break. But now I’m back. 🙂 There will be a lot to write about this year, with our new president and  Congress, and with conflicts all over the world. As always, if you have any suggestions, post them in the comment section.


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