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Supreme Court – citizens cannot sue government over federal lands

Posted by karmalily on March 4, 2009

According to the Supreme Court, citizens and environmental groups cannot sue the federal government over destruction to federal lands.

From Planetsave:

“Broad concerns shared by all citizens, like an interest in ‘good government’ or in the ‘health of the forests,’ are not sufficient to establish standing,” Justice Antonin Scalia noted, writing for the court’s 5-4 majority vote.

The case stemmed from a lawsuit filed by the Earth Island Instititute that claimed the Forest Service violated the 1992 Appeals Reform Act by not allowing public comment in situations that the service believes have little environmental impact.

This means that we cannot sue the federal government for destruction of federal lands, lands that we, the American people, essentially own and pay for. We should be able to sue to protect these areas.

And what now? How are environmentalists supposed to ensure that our government is using federal lands the way they should?


2 Responses to “Supreme Court – citizens cannot sue government over federal lands”

  1. JTK said

    I have no problem with this. It prevents radicals that are against thinning of forests to reduce forest fires from using the courts to endanger our forests based on misguided assumptions of what makes a forest healthy.

  2. JTK said

    A good start would be honest debate. When you delete comments that disagree with you, you don’t seem to be interested in honest debate.

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