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Rape Victim Accused of False Report

Posted by karmalily on April 3, 2009

This is just infuriating. From The Curvature:

A woman was raped at gunpoint while working for a convenience store, and reported her rape – as, you know, cops, the government, and well-meaning people are always encouraging her and other rape victims to do. Her rape was even “real” rape – since, you know, it was at gunpoint and committed by a total stranger and therefore lacking most sufficient “gray areas.”

But still, the police did not believe the victim….

Instead, they accused her of a false report and put her in jail.


First, the police and other officials should always give victims of any crime the benefit of the doubt when they first come into the station. The police are supposed to protect and serve, right? So how can they serve those who they just plain don’t give a shit about? In this particular case (and for others too) no investigation had been done. They just assumed she was a liar.

Second, as Cara at the Curvature notes,

Seemingly, it does matter that rather than doing an investigation, which likely could have verified her accusation rather easily, police instead failed to do that investigation and made their own accusation based on assumption.

Assumptions of what, I don’t know. How she was acting during reporting? How much physical evidence there was?

They had no basis to not believe the victim. They simply chose to arrest her.

And third, the worst part of this whole case is that her rapist, who could’ve been caught if they had believed the victim and went after him, raped other women after raping the victim.

Everyone knows that rape is horrible. However, there are many people who do not see all rape as rape. For example, there are people that think some women “deserve” to be raped because of their clothes. Seriously. Then there are people that don’t think rape can happen if the victim and rapist know one another. Yeah, these people are obviously fucked up, but we need to realize that there are people like this. Until all rape is taken as seriously as it should be, cases like this will continue to happen.


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