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Tibetan monks taken for “Political re-education”

Posted by karmalily on March 8, 2009

Although this is horribly upsetting, it really isn’t all that surprising. Way to go China for spitting in the face of freedom once again.

China has long been oppressing Tibet, and whenever riots or protests start to flare up they pound them down with their fists. This time is no different. 109 monks have been arrested by Chinese officials for “political re-education.” Seriously. From Times Online:

The rounding up of 109 monks from Lutsang monastery in Qinghai province, western China, is one of a series of extraordinary security measures being implemented to prevent restive Tibetans from commemorating the anniversary [of the exile of the Dalai Lama and concurrant Tibetan protests for freedom from the Chinese] with protests against Chinese rule….

…A military lockdown has been in place across Tibet for several weeks. The authorities clearly do not want to be taken by surprise, as they were on March 14 last year when hundreds of Tibetans rampaged through the streets of Lhasa, setting fire to shops and offices, hurling stones and attacking ethnic Han Chinese and Hui Muslim residents. The Government says that 22 people died before paramilitary police moved in to restore order many hours after the violence had erupted.

Things aren’t looking good for Tibet. The main problem is that no nation is willing to stand up to China and demand human rights for all Chinese citizens. Freedom is far more important than the money these nations are making from being trading partners with China.


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The Tibetan Language

Posted by karmalily on February 22, 2008

From Reuters:

The Chinese government is neglecting and actively undermining the Tibetan language as part of continuing efforts to dilute the region’s unique culture, a human rights group said on Thursday.

The PRC invaded Tibet in 1949, and since then China has imposed a number of rules on Tibet in an effort to make Tibet more Chinese; in essence, to destroy Tibetan culture.

Forcing the use of Mandarin is only a small part of the total Chinese control. The number of Chinese citizens now living in Tibetan territory is astounding – one estimate puts the number at 7.5 million (Friends of Tibet). There have also been rumors of abortion being forced upon Tibetan women.

Although I feel that progression of societies are necessary and the loss of some aspects of a group’s traditional culture may be lost, culture is precious because of this. And the Tibetan people are struggling to keep their cultural identity. In Dharamsala, where the Tibetan Government in Exile is based, the refugees hold festivals and try to save the culture that the Chinese are trying so hard to destroy.

More information and how you can help the Tibet situation:
Free Tibet Campaign
Race For Tibet
Students for a Free Tibet
The Gere Foundation

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China Steps Up Control in Tibet

Posted by karmalily on January 27, 2008

According to Radio Free Asia:

“The Chinese authorities believe that monasteries are the chief centers of Tibetan culture responsible for maintaining Tibetan identity. Therefore they are cracking down on the monasteries,” a source in Tibet said in a recent interview.

Novice monks are no longer admitted to replace monks who have died, and monks rarely appear on the streets in many Tibetan cities, sources say, and this trend has become more visible and pronounced over recent months.

According to RFA, this seems to be in response to both this years’ Olympic games and to the Dalai Lama receiving the US Congressional Gold Medal last year.

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